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Craft stunning interfaces

With over 400 elements to choose from, you have the power to create your own unique visuals. Whether it's intricate heads up displays, impenetrable security panels, or a beautiful abstract holograms; Combine multiple elements to produce beautifully intricate designs worthy of all dimensions.

Chronos also uses no third party plugins

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Sci-Fi interfaces ready for hyperspace

Chronos comes with 12 interfaces designed and ready to go. Use them as they are or better yet remix them with different elements to produce your own unique style.

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Customising Chronos - it's not exactly rocket science

Create your own spectrum

Whether it's a splash of hotrod red, or deep space blue, you can completely customise the colour of Chronos using the built in fill effect for AE.

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'Chronos gives you the power to create Sci-Fi interfaces with Cinema quality'

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'Chronos is the only Sci-Fi UI kit you need'

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