The After Effects Text Bundle

The Text bundle is ideal for speeding up your workflow when animating text in After Effects.

Animating paragraph text in After Effects can be particularly trick, luckily the Telegram and Staple packs make it a much smoother process.

Top it all off by adding some nicer hatched drop shadows with the Highline script, and your text animation work will reach new heights!

Includes free lifetime updates, if we update this bundle to include more products you'll be able to download them free of charge.

Bundle price: £29 (Taxes/VAT calculated at checkout)

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5 Products included worth £39.96

Highline - Nicer Shadows In After Effects Laundrette - Paste without formatting Staple - 30 Text Animators for After Effects Telegram Script - Create a matte for each paragraph line in After Effects Wordsmith - A Lorem Ipsum generator for After Effects

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