Become an affiliate for Loop

Tom here from Loop,

Building Loop over the past few months has been great fun, to actually see people downloading the projects on the site is a wonderful feeling, it spurs me on to make Loop even better.

That's why I'd like to experiment with a brand new feature: affiliate links - help us spread the word about Loop and you'll get 20% of any sale you bring in.

Here's how it works:

  1. You get a unique link to refer people to Loop.
  2. If someone uses your link to buy a product of ours, you'll get 20% of the sale!

That's it!

It really helps spread the word about Loop, and gives you the opportunity to earn some money in the process.

The process is all handled through Gumroad (the third party system we use for managing downloads) so you'll need a Gumroad account in order to qualify.

We'd love to offer this to everyone but right now it's currently something we're experimenting with, if you're interested in becoming an affiliate and want to help us spread the word about Loop:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with the subject: Loop Affiliate
  2. Provide a link to your blog or social accounts you'll use to share the links
  3. Let us know which project you've downloaded on Loop.

If it works then hopefully it'll be something that will be rolled out to everyone!

Thanks for reading,