Coming Soon: The loop jobs board for motion designers

Here at Loop we're constantly looking for ways to help motion designers with their work, now we're hopefully going to help you get work too!

Over the next few weeks we'll be launching the Loop Jobs Board. Nothing fancy, just 100% motion design jobs.

While we get things going, we're offering employers the chance to advertise free of charge! Use the button below to read more about advertising a job with us.

Advertise a job

If you're a motion designer, stay tuned & use the form below to subscribe for updates on the jobs board:

Advertising a motion design job with Loop:

Just £24.99 for 30 days While we get things going, all job ads will be FREE for 30 days

Each job ad is formatted in the same way, we just provide basic information and a link to a job posting elsewhere on the internet, like so:


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Ad rules:

  1. Your ad must be for a job related to motion design/visual effects/moving image.
  2. The ad must be for paid work, if it's not: stop asking people to work for free.
  3. Nothing illegal or dodgy
  4. No recruitment agencies please
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