Chameleon - An animated typeface for After Effects

An animated typeface that adapts to any project, sprightly and colourful, or somber and dark. With customisable weight and colours it's up to you!

What's included:

  • After Effects Project Template (CC 2015.3)
  • 26 Letters
  • Numbers 0-9
  • Select punctuation & glyphs
  • Legacy After Effects Project Template (CC 12)

Price: £19.99

Download the Chameleon typeface

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Tell me more!

The Chameleon animated typeface lets you create wonderful animated text clips in a few easy steps.

It's super customisable too! Need a vibrant bubbly word? Just crank up the thickness in the settings and get those colours dazzling.

Get creative, try multiple styles on top of each other! Let's see what you can come up with.

How does it work?

Each letter is a separate After Effects composition, to make a word you simply drag and drop the letters you need into a new composition, rearrange and resize to fit, and hey presto! Your brand new animated word. Simple.

Change it up!

Inside the project there's a control layer, this is where you change the weight and colours of the entire typeface.

TIP: try keyframing the weight and colour controls to produce a really cool effect that changes as the type animates

Modify each letter

Each letter has its own control layer so you can override the master style! This gives you the power to create a word with each letter animating in a different way.

There's also 4 different sets of letters, numbers, and punctuation, so if you need two of the same letter to animate in a different way, just select one from a different set!

I've heard enough! Let me download it!

What's included?

26 Letters, the numbers 0-9, a few punctuation marks and glyphs!

The project comes as an Adobe After Effects template file, in the project window you'll find the typeface folder.

There are 4 different sets of letters, numbers, and punctuation. As mentioned above this is so you can have multiple animations of the same letter. If you need more than 4 sets, simply select the letters you need in the project panel and choose Edit > Duplicate!

Download Chameleon here!
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