Free Notion templates for freelancers

Notion is an incredible tool for productivity, organisation, and the general management of pretty much everything you can think of!

Perhaps the most powerful feature is the ability to use notion templates. Notion templates allow you to quickly and easily implement entire systems that have been built by others. So whether you’re looking to create a project roadmap, or perhaps track late payments from clients, chances are there’s a template out there to suit your needs.

In this post I’ve put together a list of 15 free notion templates specifically for freelancers to use. Whether you’re new to notion or a seasoned pro, it won’t cost you a penny to try these free notion templates.

1. The late payment tracker notion template

free notion template late payment tracker

Let’s start with my own free notion template! This free notion template allows you to build up a clear picture of which clients consistently pay you on-time, and the bad ones who consistently pay you late.

2. Notion roadmap template

This free template by notion themselves is a super simple example of how you can use notion for creating a project roadmap. Incredibly useful for any freelancer.

3. Ultimate Tasks by Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank has built a great project management tool right within notion, making use of a whole host of smart views that show the tasks for today, tomorrow, and the next seven days.

4. Notion content calendar

Another great free template from the notion team, this one focuses on creating an easy to use calendar for all the content you’re creating: blog posts, social media posts, and podcasts.

5. Twitter OS by Hunky

If Twitter is your thing then definitely check out the Twitter OS. It’s a complete dashboard for planning your tweets, curating content, and generally improving how you use twitter overall.

6. Notion Design system

The team at notion really know how to create a good template, this one is super useful for ensuring that everyone you work with knows what’s what when it comes to your own personal branding and design. Think of it as a freelance brand guidelines template.

7. A Branding Framework from Netflix

This free notion template from Netflix gives you a great framework for creating the story behind your own brand. An incredible resource and a totally free template!

8. Handover template by Team Number 5

This free notion template is specifically built for when you need to handover within a project, let’s say from design to code for example. A great way to keep everything in one place.

9. Company information

The company home template from notion is a free template to put everything and anything about your company in one place. Although it’s directed towards companies, there’s no reason why a freelancer can’t use it to store the key information about their work.

10. Notion Mood board template

Need to create a photographic moodboard for your projects? This free template has you covered. Plus, thanks to notion’s partnership with unsplash, it’s incredibly easy to collect free photos for your moodboards too.

11. Designer portfolio template by Ganesh R

Notion is so versatile that you can even create your very own freelance portfolio site to showcase your work and hopefully attract new clients. With this free notion template you can have a nice simple portfolio ready to go in moments.

12. The Notion Independent contractor toolkit

This free template from the Notion team is a one-stop shop for all things freelancing. Within this template you can keep track of your hours, invoices, tasks, and any documents you have too. A real organisational timesaver for any freelancer.

13. Video production tracker by Thomas Frank

If you’re a freelancer who creates content for YouTube then this free notion template will help you keep track of the entire production process. Another greay template from Thomas Frank.

14. Google Ads Audit by Panos Makris

As a freelancer, it can sometimes be necessary to advertise your freelance services but let’s be honest: it can be tricky to know what’s going on with Google ads. Luckily, this free template from Panos Makris will help you audit your setup and make sure everything is running smoothly.

15. Business Model Canvas by Ruby Childs

Let’s not forget that freelancing is a business. Much like any other business it’s important to know how you’re going to deliver value to any potential clients out there. Using a free template like this business model canvas will give you a starting foundation to work from and hopefully help you build a great freelance business.

And there we have it!

That’s 15 free notion templates for freelancers to get started with. If you’re looking for more helpful tips and resources, check the Loop business resources for more.

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