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Browse our collection of After effects templates designed by motion designers for motion designers. All our After Effects templates are designed to give you a helping hand in your motion design projects. Once you've bought a template, just download it and open it up in After Effects exactly as you would a normal project file, and away you go!

These templates are also packaged up in a couple of our After Effects bundles, buying the templates together can help save you 25% compared with buying each individually.

Templates in After Effects are a great way to save time and money in your projects. Each of the templates below has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, if you want to add a sci-fi interface to your project for example then check out the Galactic sci-fi template which contains a variety of ready made futuristic screens you can use in your projects. Alternatively, if you're just looking to animate a logo then check out the logo animation template: all you have to do is open up the project, import your logo and the template does all the work for you to create an animated logo in moments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you use an After Effects Template?

How you actually use an After Effects template will depend entirely on how it's been created, what it's for, and who created it. For example, take our logo animation template - when you open up this template there's a composition marked "PLACE YOUR LOGO HERE", which is as you may have guessed where you need to put your logo. Once this has been done, your logo will be animated by the template, and the main composition can be rendered out.

The logo template is structured differently to our Chronos sci fi template though. The sci-fi template is designed more as a selection of compositions that can be used to create your own designs, perhaps more like a toolkit than a template. It still saves you time because you can make use of all the pre-designed and animated elements, however you need to combine them to produce something unique. Although even then, there are full-screen compositons that have been designed within the template which can be rendered out without much work.

Do you have any free After Effects Templates?

At the moment we don't have any free After Effects templates, but there may be some on the horizon so keep checking back regularly to see if we've launched any.

What is an After Effects Template?

After Effects Templates are pretty much exactly the same as After Effects project files, the only real difference is that when you open up a template file it will create a new untitled document for you. So rather than editing the template directly, you're editing a copy of the template.

What this means is that when you come to save your work, you can simply save it as an After Effects project, rather than overwriting the template file which you'll want to use over and over again.

After Effects templates are a great time saving tool for any motion designer, if a project needs to be done quickly then a template can really help save time and effort.

For further reading, we've written a blog post on why it's OK to use After Effects templates.

How to buy After Effects Templates?

The process is very simple, just choose a template from the selection above, click through to the product page and click the "Buy on Gumroad" button. This will take you to the gumroad page where you can then click "Buy this" and continue with the checkout process.

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