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The after effects scripts below have all been created by motion designers, for motion designers.

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The Loop After Effects scripts can be bought individually, or you can access them all with a Loop Membership.

Looking for a free After Effects script?

There's a couple of freebies on offer over on the free After Effects scripts page. Each script is free, you just have to enter £0 at the checkout.

Installing an After Effects Script

If you're new to the world of After Effects Scripts, take a look through our quick guide on how to install an After Effects Script. You may also want to check out our After Effects Scripts FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are any of your After Effects Scripts free?

Check out our Free After Effects scripts page to see all our free scripts. The free scripts are available on a pay what you like basis, so all you have to do is enter 0 in the price box on the purchase page.

How do you install an After Effects Script?

It's super quick and easy, just read this page on How to install an After Effects Script

Can I download all your After Effects scripts in one place?

Yes! We've put together the After Effects Script bundle which contains all our After Effects Scripts, plus you'll get a whopping 25% discount when you purchase the bundle.

Are After Effects Expressions the same as After Effects Scripts?

After Effects Scripts are different things entirely to After Effects expressions. Scripts are separate files you download and install to extend the functionality of After Effects whereas expressions are little snippets of code that are applied to layers within After Effects.

What is an After Effects Script?

Scripts for After Effects are incredibly powerful, and come in all shapes and sizes. Usually, After Effect scripts are designed to automate particular tasks that may be difficult or take a long time if done manually.

To put it simply, scripts for After Effects are basically a set of instructions that After Effects will run through to perform a particular task or tasks.

Take our Numero script for example, this script creates a sliding number counter in After Effects. Now, to create this effect manually usually requires a lot of effort: multiple layers have to be created, after effects expressions have to be remembered and put in the right place, track mattes have to be applied... it all takes quite a long time. The Numero After Effect script automates the entire process for you though, so all you have to do is provide some numbers and hit the Go button.

If you've used Photoshop Actions before, then After Effects scripts are very similar, they can produce complex effects at the touch of a button, or automate the boring tasks you never like doing.

If you're interested in learning more about scripts for After Effects, take a look at our blog post: What are After Effects Scripts?

The Loop After Effects scripts are all designed to help save you time and effort when working with After Effects.

Take a look at our After Effects Templates

The right After Effects template can give you a great foundation to work from in your motion design projects.

Whether you're looking for a logo animation template that's ready to go, or a more intricate cyberpunk HUD pack, all our templates for After Effects have been expertly designed by motion designers, for motion designers.

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