After Effects Presets

Save time and effort in After Effects

A collection of visual After Effects presets and text animators for After Effects to help speed up your workflow and give you the effect you need in moments.

Just drag and drop the presets from the effects panel into your After Effects composition. Apply the presets directly to your layers, or to an adjustment layer.

If you apply the preset to an adjustment layer, all the layers underneath will be affected by whichever after effects preset you use.

Whether it's a glitchy effect or vintage feel, each pack has been designed to give your projects that little extra boost!

Installing an After Effects Preset

If you're new to After Effects Presets, take a look through our quick guide on how to install an After Effects Preset. You may also want to check out our After Effects Presets FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are After Effects presets?

After Effects presets are an effect, or collection of effects, with specific values already set up that you can apply to your layers in After Effects.

When installed, presets appear in the Effects & Presets panel, and you can apply them to your layers in exactly the same way you would apply a normal After Effects effect.

Take our Terminal retro computer preset as an example, all you have to do is drag and drop this preset onto an adjustment layer and it will apply all of the various effects needed to create an old computer screen look for you.

After Effects presets are a great way to save time in your projects, and if you find yourself applying the same effects with the same values then you should definitely look at creating your own presets to cut out the legwork.

How to install after effects presets

To install a preset you need to put it into the right folder, luckily we've written a helpful post on how to install after effects presets that runs through everything you need to know about installing a preset in After Effects.

Can I buy all of your presets at once?

You sure can! Our after effects presets pack bundle contains all of the Loop After Effects presets, and buying together will save you a whopping 25% compared to buying each individually.

Are your After Effects presets free?

At the moment we have one free after effects preset pack, and that's our Skylights Instagram filters for After Effects. This pack is available on a pay what you like basis, so if you want to chip in then you can, but you can also download the filters for free by putting £0 in the box on Gumroad.

Take a look at our After Effects Templates

The right After Effects template can give you a great foundation to work from in your motion design projects.

Whether you're looking for a logo animation template that's ready to go, or a more intricate cyberpunk HUD pack, all our templates for After Effects have been expertly designed by motion designers, for motion designers.

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