21 Motion Designers to follow on Instagram

Instagram has a great community of motion designers posting all sorts of animation work; from daily renders to behind the scenes process shots, there’s no shortage of inspiring motion design posts out there to get your creative mind racing.

If you’re new to the motion design Instagram world, or perhaps just looking for some new inspiration, the list below runs through 21 wonderful motion designers for you to follow.

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Margaret Bialis

This wonderful animation Margaret did for Gunner Animation is delightfully weird, complete with some ace sound design too.

Julie Craft

Julie has a real variety of work on Instagram and each post usually comes with a great look behind the scenes showing how the final shot was produced.

Will Rose

Will combines a love of nature with some wonderful animation skills to produce incredibly important pieces like this one that highlights the 90% decline in nightingales in the UK :(

Sam Burton

Sam's work is always full of colour and life, perfectly illustrated here in this infinite loop of an Apple Fan Boy...

Ella Dobson

Ella's work has a wonderful feel to it, the colours and textures throughout pieces like this all contribute to a really cool aesthetic

Alex Zepherin

Alex has some great behind the scenes posts that not only show how the animation was produced, but also where the inspiration came from and the process from idea to animation.

Danny Stern

Danny does a great job of creating really in-depth process videos, essentially little micro-tutorials, that showcase just how an animation was produced.

Ross Plaskow

Ross combines a great comedic style with super slick animation like the halloween example below. As well as posting great animation, Ross also uses Instagram Stories to answer questions and teach others about animation and workflow techniques.

Caitlin Cadieux

Caitlin's feed is filled with such incredible work; from hand drawn illustrations to frame by frame animation, it's a gallery of inspiration!

Jonathan Winbush

For those looking to explore the world of Unreal and learn more about how it can be used for motion design, Jonathan is the one to follow.

Jim Holland

Jim has a great selection of infinite loop 3D animations like the example below that are just mesmerising to watch.

Mair Perkins

Mair often posts great behind the scenes shots like the example below, which has to be said is: otterly brilliant (I'll see myself out).

Jaedoo Lee

Jaedoo combines a vibrant illustration style with excellent animation to create pieces that are just filled with joy

Stephen Ong

Stephen's animation work is so full of life and joy you can't help but smile, especially when watching the animation below:

Eleanor Ngai

Eleanor posts a really great mix of illustration and animation work, this example is a particular favourite:

Samantha Jones

Samantha's work is a masterclass in traditional animation techniques, and process shots like the one below are a great insight into what goes on behind the scenes. Be sure to check out the finished animation on Samantha's feed.

Helena Kampen

Helena's hand drawn animations are full of delight, especially this one featuring some pretty industrious squirrels!

Kyle Martinez

Kyle is not only a gifted animator, but also the brains behind Cyclops: the After Effects extension that allows you to render nulls and motion paths for great behind the scenes shots like this:

Gloria Ciceri

Gloria's work is a great mix of illustration and animation, perfectly combining to create super stylish pieces like the example below:

Al Boardman

Al's illustration and animation work is always full of colour and creativity, like this example that promotes natural climate solutions:

Jacob Richardson

Jacob has a great collection of tutorial posts that quickly run through different animation techniques and styles, a great resource to learn from.

Have a favourite motion designer you follow on Instagram?

If you have a particular favourite designer you like following who isn’t included in the list above, then do let us know via the @madebyloop Instagram, we’re always on the lookout for more motion designers to follow, and who knows, they may end up on the next list!

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