10 job boards for finding motion design work

Whether you’re looking for freelance motion design work or a full-time position, finding motion design jobs can be tough, even at the best of times.

The first step is knowing where to look for opportunities so make sure you bookmark the following 10 job boards and then check them regularly for new opportunities.

It can also help to make checking the boards part of your morning routine, spending 5 minutes at the start of each day checking for new opportunities could help you spot your perfect job.

Some of the boards listed below also have the option to sign-up to email alerts, that way you can be notified by email of any new opportunities.

1. Motionographer


The motionographer job board has it all really: there’s the option to sign-up for email alerts to have new job opportunities delivered directly to your email inbox, there’s also a handy search function with location filter, and a whole bunch of other filters to refine your search results even further.

The jobs posted there are predominantly US based, although there have been other opportunities listed for jobs in the UK and around the world.

2. If you could


The If you could jobs board usually has plenty of opportunities available in the field of motion design. The jobs listed on this board tend to be primarily UK based although there are a couple of remote jobs from time to time. It has to be said that a large proportion of the jobs listed here are based in London but it’s worth a check even if you’re based elsewhere.

There’s no search on this board but there are filters so you can see jobs based on contract type, creative field, location, and experience level.

3. Behance


Behance is a great place to be inspired by the work of other artists, it also has a pretty comprehensive job board too.

The Behance list allows you to search by keyword or narrow things down by creative field, and there’s also the option to limit results to a particular location too which is handy because the opportunities seem pretty global which is nice.

4. Animated Jobs Board

animatedjobs.com/ The animated jobs board has grown a lot in the past couple of years, there’s now a plentiful list of motion design and animation jobs across various contract types.

The site includes a search function, and the ability to filter the list by job type, salary, and usefully: date posted, so you can see the most recent opportunities.

5. Dribbble Jobs Board


Dribbble now has two job boards, one for full-time and freelance positions, and then one for freelance projects. The freelance projects board is only available if you’re a subscriber to Dribbble Pro Business.

The Dribbble jobs board does have a “Remote Friendly” filter if you’re after a remote working position which is handy.

6. Design Jobs Board


The design jobs board covers a lot of different design fields, not just motion, so you’d think there’d be a filter for the different types of design… unfortunately not. That being said, you can just hit Ctrl+F in your browser and type in “Motion” to quickly locate any motion opportunities.

The Design Jobs Board is mostly UK based with a large proportion of London centric positions, although there does seem to be a growing number of remote friendly job opportunities.

7. CreativePool


The creativepool job board is driven mostly by search so be sure to try a mix of terms like: motion design or motion graphics to cover all the bases. There’s also the option to filter by experience and the contract type you’d like to go for.

One feature that’s quite useful on this board is that it highlights when opportunities are closing so you know just how long you have to apply for a position.

8. LinkedIn Jobs


The linkedin job board has really come on leaps and bounds in recent years and it seems to be the go-to place for a lot of employers to find potential candidates.

The unique thing about this jobs board is that it shows you how you might be connected to the company advertising the position. This means you can reach out to those connections and perhaps ask them what it’s like to work there, or if they have any tips for the application so you know what to expect.

9. The Motion Design Artists Slack Group


Although not technically a jobs board in the traditional sense, the motion design artists slack group has an incredibly useful job hiring channel.

If you’re not part of the slack group, head to this link to fill out an application: http://motionslack.com/ - it really is a wonderful resource, as well as the jobs channel there’s a whole bunch of other channels where you can chat and interact with other motion designers from across the globe.

10. The Guardian


Much like the motionographer board, the Guardian jobs board allows you to create alerts for specific job searches which saves you the hassle of having to check the board regularly - just set the alert up and you’ll be notified via email when a new opportunity pops up!

The Guardian board is predominantly UK based, and it has been known to be pretty recruiter heavy, however there are some nice opportunities on there from time to time.

There we are! 10 motion design jobs boards for you to hopefully find your next position. Remember it’s worth getting into the routine of checking these boards regularly, so be sure to add them to your bookmarks and get signed up to those job alerts too!

Happy job hunting!

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