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Skylights Pro - 30 Instagram-style filters for After Effects

These Instagram style After Effects Filters are the perfect way to liven up your compositions, just drag and drop the presets onto an adjustment layer for an instant vintage vibe.

This collection of after effects filters has been designed to give your footage that extra flair, just drag and drop the filter you want onto your footage and you're good to go!Each After Effects Instagram preset gives a unique style and vibe, just like regular Instagram filters you'll quickly find your favourite.


  • 30 Instagram After Effects filter presets
  • Skylights original (15 instagram style filter presets)
  • Also includes Fuzz - 15 noise & grain video overlays for FREE

£16.99 (Taxes/VAT calculated at checkout)

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The Vintage Bundle The After Effects Presets Pack
  • Atom vintage after effects filter
  • Holocene after effects filter

Tell me more about the after effects filters

Following on from our ever popular After Effects Instagram filters, we've created Skylights Pro, with more after effects filters to choose from and extra features. Perfect for creating vintage video effects.

This Pro version contains 30 brand new After Effects Instagram filter presets to help give your footage that extra vintage feel. All you have to do is drag and drop one or more of the after effects filters onto an adjustment layer above your video in After Effects.

To give your videos that extra vintage feel, Skylights Pro comes with our Fuzz vintage grain pack: a set of 15 noise and grain overlays to give your footage that old school camera vibe.

Read more about Fuzz below!

Change the feeling

You can see from the pictures, each filter can completely change the feeling of your footage. The holocene filter is nice and calm and mellow, whereas the North filter is more intense and moody.

Whatever look you're going for, you're sure to find a filter that suits. Even better, the presets only use the standard tools in After Effects so they're completely customisable too.

Original Skylights included

Skylights Pro includes the 15 after effects filters in our Skylights Original pack, which gives you 45 after effects filters to choose from!

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What the Fuzz?

To compliment the vintage filters we've included our Fuzz pack with 15 noise and grain overlays.

Each of the noise overlays is full HD with an alpha channel, just drag and drop over your footage to give it that extra vintage filter style.

Top tip

Combine more than one Fuzz overlay to add even more noise and grain to your videos.

Some of the overlays have less noise than others, experiment with each to see which gives the best look.

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  • fuzzy grain video overlay
  • fuzzy noise overlay

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