Chronos: The Sci-Fi HUD & UI Pack for After Effects

Create stunning sci-fi compositions, intricate hud designs, and more with the Chronos futuristic After Effects template.

With over 400 elements to choose from Chronos is a sci-fi after effects template for the pro's, the futuristic UI kit gives you the power to create intricate sci-fi designs worthy of Hollywood. All without third party plugins!

Now includes the After Effects project file used to create the Chronos trailer!

  • sci-fi interface chronos launch
  • sci-fi ui interface overlay
  • sci-fi hand scanner close up

The futuristic After Effects template

With over 400 elements to choose from, you have the power to create your own unique futuristic UI designs. Whether it's intricate heads up displays, impenetrable security panels, or a beautiful abstract sci-fi holograms; Combine the multiple sci-fi elements to produce beautifully intricate designs worthy of all dimensions.

Chronos also uses no third party plugins

Chronos isn't an after effects HUD plugin, it's a futuristic After Effects template file. This means all you need to do is open up the template project and get to work assembling your own sci-fi designs using the template elements. You may also want to check out our DialUP script if you want a script to create HUD dials in After Effects at the touch of a button!

A set of sci-fi interfaces ready made for you to use

As well as the elements to create your own interfaces, the Chronos template comes with 12 futuristic interfaces designed and ready to go, all you need to do is render them out and you'll have a futuristic screen ready and waiting for you.

Can I create a HUD using the Chronos template?

The template contains plenty of futuristic elements that are perfect for using in HUD designs. Let's say you're looking to create an eye scanner in After Effects, you can use any of the dial designs and overlay them over any footage you like to create a nice display worthy of a certain man made of Iron.

Easily customisable

Whether it's a splash of hotrod red, or a futuristic deep space blue, you can completely customise the colour of Chronos using the built in fill effect for AE.

  • sci-fi intricate dial
  • sci-fi intricate dial orange
  • number dial sci-fi UI

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