Numero Odometer Script for After Effects

Numero is an After Effects odometer script that makes it incredibly easy to create sliding number counters in After Effects.

To create an odometer effect, all you need to do is fill in the numbers and hit go! The Numero odometer script then creates the entire sliding number counter in After Effects for you, complete with the sliding animation built in.

Save time and effort, and let the script do the hard work for you.

**Now includes a new beta version with comma and decimal support! Read more**

Odometer Animation built in

Numero automatically animates between the two numbers you choose and creates the sliding odometer animation for you. The actual odometer animation is controlled by just two keyframes which means you can control how long the number counter animation lasts, when it starts, and when it finishes.

Numero is the only after effects odometer script you'll need to produce a lovely animated counter effect right within After Effects.

No more After Effects counter expressions

There are plenty of digital style after effects counter scripts out there, Numero is different, it's an odometer after effects script (not an expression) designed to create a more analogue style sliding number counter for After Effects.

The odometer effect - an After Effects number counter

An odometer is really just a fancy name for a sliding number counter, you've probably seen one in an old tally counter, a number countdown, or perhaps you know it as a mileometer from an old car. Either way, the odometer effect is well loved by clients as a stylish number counter.

With Numero, creating the odometer effect in After Effects couldn't be simpler, it's not an odometer template, but a script that creates an after effects number counter in whichever composition you're working in. After Effects number counters come in many forms, Numero is specifically designed to be a sliding counter animation.

In just a few clicks you can have a fully animated sliding number counter in After Effects. It really is that easy.

Creating an odometer in After Effects

To create your After Effects counter: simply set the number you want to count from, the number you want to count to, hit go and hey presto! Numero will create a precomposed counter, complete with a track matte to produce the desired effect. No more messing around with sliding columns or strange expressions to create your after effects number counters, Numero takes care of all that for you.

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Need help installing the script?

Read our handy guide on how to install an After Effects script.

Style how ever you like

Numero uses standard After Effects text layers to create the columns, before creating the counter simply select the font you'd like to use and hit go!

Changed your mind? Simply head into the Numero counter, select the text layers, and change it to the one you want!

Adjust the spacing

Numero automatically adds a control null (coloured yellow) with a spacing effect applied to it. Drag the slider up or down to change the spacing between each column.


Is Numero an After Effects number counter template?

No, Numero is an After Effects script. Once the script is installed and enabled, you'll see a panel where you can set the numbers you want to count from and to, and a button. Clicking the button will instantly create your after effects number counter.

Is the sliding counter animation built in?

Yes! The script creates the sliding number counter animation for you, and it's controlled by just two keyframes which you can customise however you like.

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Try the new Beta version

When you download Numero, you'll also get a brand new beta version of the script included too. The beta version has the following extra features:

  1. The ability to create counters with added commas for larger numbers e.g: 1,000
  2. The ability to create counters with decimal points included
  3. The option to add a prefix and sufix to the counter e.g: currency symbols

As the script is still a beta version, it means that we don't recommend you use it in a production environment as there may still be bugs that need to be ironed out.

If you do use the beta version of the script and find any errors or issues then please send an email to [email protected] so that we can address them.

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