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Focal Script - Supercharged camera lens blur in After Effects

The Focal script supercharges the camera lens blur in After Effects and gives you much more flexibility when customising the effect.

At the touch of a button the script streamlines the setup process by adding the standard camera lens blur after effects tool, it then creates a radial, linear, or tilt shift blur map of your choice, links everything up, and creates handy on-screen guides & controllers for customising and controlling the blur map from within the same comp.

No more manually creating gradient ramps and switching in and out of precomps to adjust the blur map, with Focal just hit the button and use the on-screen guides & controllers to customise your effect.

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  • Camera Lens Blur Map Control After Effects

Easier Camera Lens Blur in After Effects

If you’ve ever used the standard camera lens blur after effects tool, you’ll know you can’t just drag and drop the effect into your composition, you need a blur map to go along with it. Usually this involves creating a specific gradient ramp, precomposing it, and linking the blur map to the camera lens blur effect. Which is all a bit tedious.

What’s worse, if you want to change the focus of the blur, you have to go into the gradient composition to tweak the gradient, and because you can’t see how this affects the blur the whole process involves some trial and error.

That’s why Focal was created.

The focal After Effects script creates a much more streamlined process for adding after effects camera lens blurs, it automates the entire setup process, creates a gradient ramp for you, and creates two null object controllers that allow you to tweak the blur within the same composition.

An automatic blur map in After Effects

When it comes to creating a blur map After Effects doesn't have a dedicated tool to create them, it always has to be done manually. With the focal script though, the blur map After Effects composition will be created for you and instantly linked to the camera lens blur effect.

What's more, the blur map after effects composition is even easier to control thanks to the additional null object controllers the focal script creates.

That looks cool! Let me have it

Need help installing the script?

Read our handy guide on how to install an After Effects script.

After Effects Tilt Shift Effect

The Focal script comes with three blur types: radial blur, linear blur, and tilt shift blur. These three options determine the type of gradient ramp created for the camera lens blur to use.

The tilt shift blur option, as you may have guessed, creates a straight band of focus with blur either side, it's essentially a dedicated tool for after effects Tilt Shift effects in moments.

Usually, creating a tilt shift gradient ramp manually requires a fair few steps, and customising where the band of focus is can be particularly tricky, especially when it’s being done without seeing how the blur is being affected.

With Focal, controlling the tilt shift blur is much easier, just set the focus point controller to the area you’d like to be clear, and then drag the blur controller to adjust the tightness of the blur effect and the rotation of the tilt shift blur. The handy on-screen guide layers also highlight the structure of the blur and how the controllers are affecting the blur.


Is the script different to the After Effects camera lens blur?

No, the script uses the standard camera lens blur after effects tool, but it also does all of the other setup work for you by creating and linking a blur map, along with creating some handy controllers so you can change the style of the blur much more easily.

How do I create a blur map for the camera lens blur effect in After Effects?

With the focal script, there are three blur maps to choose from: radial blur, linear blur, and tilt shift blur - all you have to do is choose which blur map you want to use and the focal script will create the blur map after effects composition for you.

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