The Sociable Script:
Easy social media comps for After Effects

Saves you time by automatically creating compositions that are the ideal size for various social media posts.

About the script:

A free script for After Effects that allows you to instantly create compositions with the correct size requirements and ratios for different social media posts like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and Snapchat

The script is available for free by choosing £0 at the checkout, anything above £0 will help us develop more scripts in future!

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Works with:

Installing the script:

Learn more about the Sociable Script:

Composition sizes for social media

Sociable contains 7 different composition formats for use in various scenarios:

  1. Facebook Stories
  2. General Social Feed Square (1:1)
  3. General Social Feed Horizontal (16:9)
  4. General Social Feed Vertical (9:16)
  5. General Social Feed Vertical (4:5)
  6. Instagram Stories
  7. Snapchat

Some compositions also include additional guides that show where the main content should be placed, this is because on occasion Facebook and Instagram may crop videos when they're displayed in different settings. It also takes into account the on-screen interface elements that may appear too.

Video size for snapchat

Snapchat allows videos up to 180 seconds, however, longer videos are split up into "Chapters" - that's why the Sociable script will automatically create an additional Chapter composition to help you divide up your content.

No Hassle

Create a social composition in moments

Do you have any other free After Effects scripts?

We have a couple of other free After Effects scripts available: Laundrette and Selector. These scripts are available on a "Pay what you like" basis rather than being listed as free After Effects scripts - to download them for free you can simply enter £0 at the checkout.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I install the script?

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