fuzz noise and grain overlay after effects full HD noise and grain

Fuzz - 15 noise & grain overlays

Add some fuzz and give your videos that old film look!

What's included:

  • 15 Full HD noise & grain video files

Price: £6.99

Great! Let me have them

Fuzz is also included FREE with Skylights Pro

Also available as part of the:

Vintage Bundle for After Effects
  • fuzzy grain video overlay
  • fuzzy noise overlay

What the Fuzz?

Fuzz is a great way to quickly add some noise and grain to your videos.

Each of the overlays is full HD with an alpha channel, just drag and drop over your footage to give it that extra old school look and feel.

Top tips:

Try adding more than one overlay at a time to create a unique bit of noise.

Use the "Fill" effect in After Effects to give the noise a different colour!

I've read enough, let me at them!