Jiggle Script Wiggle in one direction After Effects Wiggle x axis only after effects

Jiggle Script for After Effects - Wiggle one direction only

Choose which direction you'd like to wiggle in: then hit the Jiggle button! Works across all values/directions/axis with two or three parameters. Don't wiggle it: Jiggle it!

What's included:

  • Jiggle Script

Price: £6.99

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Also available as part of the:

After Effects Script v2 Bundle
  • Wiggle only in the Y direction after effects
  • Wiggle expression values frequency and magnitude

Jiggle me this

Let's say you only want an object to wiggle up and down:

  1. Select the layer position
  2. Check the Y box
  3. Jiggle it!

The script takes care of everything for you. Only want to wiggle something from side to side? Just choose X instead of Y.

Works across all values, if the value only has one parameter Jiggle will apply a normal wiggle expression for you, saving you even more time!

Wiggle frequency and magnitude

As with the wiggle expression, Jiggle has two values: Frequency (how many times per second), and Magnitude (the amount to move).

Adjust these values to change the speed or size of the jiggle!

Let me have it!

Apply to multiple layers at once

Save time by selecting multiple layers and parameters you'd like to wiggle, then hit the Jiggle button! The Jiggle script will do all the work for you and apply the same expression across everything.

Jiggle me in
  • apply wiggle to multiple layers at once