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Sci-fi template bundle for After Effects
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50 Modular sci-fi elements

Sci-fi Graphs, Waveforms, Windows, and Loading screens are just some of the 50 modular elements available in Chronos Expansion. Simply drag and drop the elements you want into your own composition to create a brand new sci-fi interface.

Chronos Expansion also uses no third party plugins

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Choose your colour

Experiment with colour to produce a completely new look and feel for your interface designs. A splash of blue keeps things calm, try vibrant oranges and reds for a more urgent look!

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Customising Chronos:Expansion with colour

The Sci-fi Glyph Font

The template pack contains 100 unique glyphs as shape layers. To make them even better, we transformed them into a font! With the Chronos Glyph font you can make use of the text animators in After Effects to create some stunning encrypted messages or enhance your sci-fi screens

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'Chronos Expansion is perfect for quickly creating sci-fi interfaces in After Effects'

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We love doing our bit for the environment here at Loop HQ, maybe even more than we love motion graphics... maybe...

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