Select all layers above or below the current layer after effects

Selector - choose all layers above or below the current layer

Selector is a super handy script for After Effects, at the touch of a button you can select all layers above or below the current layer. No more getting lost scrolling up and down the composition window, just choose the layer and hit Go!

What's included:

  • Selector Script

Price: Suggested: £3.99 (Pay what you like)

That looks useful! I'll take it

Also available as part of the:

After Effects Script Bundle
  • Selector layers after effects script

How the Selector script works

The usual process for selecting multiple layers is: Scroll to the top of your comp, hold shift on the keyboard, click on the top or bottom layers, then scroll all the way back to where you were.

No more! Just select your layer, choose above or below, and hit go! Selector does the rest.

Selector also has a couple of additional options:

Choose to unlock and select any layers that have been locked.
Skip layers that have been marked as "Shy"

Download Selector

Is it really that much quicker than selecting the layers by hand?

This really depends on how many layers you have, the script was created while working on a project with over 500 layers in a composition.

Testing the script in this composition, it took around 6 seconds for the script to select all the layers, whereas completing the action by hand took around 10 seconds.

The beauty of the script, is that you select the layers without having to scroll the composition window, so you never lose your place and can carry on editing without worrying about if you've selected all the layers.

Download Selector
  • Select all layers above or below the current layer after effects