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Skylights - Instagram style vintage filters for After Effects

A set of 15 instagram style filters for After Effects to help give your videos that nice vintage feel.

Use the instagram style filters to brighten up some old footage, or bring a new lease of life to your compositions.

Go Pro and get these filters plus 30 vintage presets plus 15 grainy overlays!


  • 15 After Effects Vintage Filter Presets

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  • Dawn after effects filter
  • Valley after effects colour filter

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Everyone loves a good filter, they can really enhance your videos and bring that little extra finishing touch. They're even great for covering up some mistakes too so don't delete those dull videos!

There's 15 vintage filters to choose from, some are dark and moody, others are bright and uplifting. Try them all to see what works, or better yet try combining multiple filters to produce some interesting effects.

Change it up

Take a look at the two buttercup pictures, the top has the Dawn filter applied, the bottom is Tannen. You can see how the two filters produce quite different results, one is bright and happy, the other looks more classic and aged.

The filters are all After Effects presets so you can customise the look and feel of each one to get look that suits you.

Are they free?

Yes! You can name your own price so just put 0 in the box. Or you can buy us a coffee which helps us make more cool stuff in the future!

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