Terminal - retro computer screen preset for After Effects

Inspired by the old computer screens of the 80's, the terminal preset is perfect for creating that retro technology look and feel.
Simply apply to the layer you need to change, or apply to an adjustment layer to turn your entire composition into an old-style terminal.

What's included:

  • The Terminal After Effects Preset

Price: Free for personal use (Taxes/VAT calculated at checkout)

  • retro computer console effect after effects
  • retro computer console effect after effects

Tell me more

If you've ever played the Fallout games, or if you were alive in the 80's then you'll be more than familiar with the old-school computer terminal style.

With the Terminal preset, you can recreate the retro feel of that old technology: just apply the preset to the layers you need, or to an adjustment layer and you'll instantly step back in time!

Change it up

The preset has been created using the standard After Effects effect tools which means you can change the look and feel of the overall effect incredibly easily! Not a fan of the old retro green? Just change the tint colour!

Are they free?

For personal use, yes indeed! If you're using the preset for commercial purposes, the preset costs £4.99.