Wordsmith create lorem ipsum text in After Effects

Wordsmith - A Lorem Ipsum generator for After Effects

Wordsmith gives you the power to create dummy placeholder text directly in After Effects, all at the touch of a button.

No more copy and pasting from elsewhere, create random words, sentences, or paragraphs directly in After Effects.

What's included:

  • Wordsmith Script

Price: £4.99

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How Wordsmith works

Wordsmith has 3 main text types you can add to your composition: words, sentences, and paragraphs. To create the dummy text, simply choose an option from the dropdown list, enter the number of words/sentences/paragraphs you need, and click the button and boom! A brand new text layer filled with random lorem ipsum text.

Added too much text? Just select the layer, reduce the number, and click the button again to update it.

Add text to an existing text layer

If you already have a text layer in your animation that you'd like to fill with random text; just select the layer and follow the steps above. Wordsmith will take care of the rest.

Note: Wordsmith works best with text box layers (click and drag the text tool to create a square of text rather than just a simple text layer)

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Works really well with our Chronos Expansion glyph font

While creating our sci-fi UI template - Chronos:Expansion, we made a glyph font to quickly add random characters to a scene, much like a coded message. To create these messages we'd either type out gibberish messages, or find an online lorem ipsum generator and copy the text over.

This whole process was time consuming, and we'd always end up with too little or too much text when copy and pasting it.

Wordsmith makes this process so much easier. Created too much text? Just reduce the number and click the button.

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