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Helix DNA After Effects Script - Create a 3D double helix in After Effects

The Helix DNA After Effects script creates a 3D DNA double helix animation in After Effects at the touch of a button.

DNA After Effects animations can take time to put together, with Helix all you have to do is select the number of strands you need and hit go. The script does all the hard work for you and creates a DNA double helix in moments.

The double helix animation is completely customisable and powered by a control null that spins in the Y direction to produce the standard 3D helix effect.


  • Helix Script
  • Requires After Effects CC 2018 or later

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  • DNA double helix created in After Effects
  • DNA double helix with custom colours in After Effects

A ready made DNA double helix animation in After Effects

There are a few different ways of creating DNA double helix animations in After Effects, each of which takes quite a bit of time to perfect and get right.

With the Helix DNA After Effects script, all you need to do is select the number of strands you'd like to use and hit go! The script does all the heavy lifting and in moments you'll have a 3D double helix animation ready to go.

Customise the look and feel of your DNA

The animated double helix that's created is made entirely of After Effects shape layers, which means you can completely customise the look and feel of the elements.

The Helix DNA After Effects script also creates a control null for the double helix animation so you can easily change the colours, the rotation of the helix, the spacing, and the size of the strands.

Experiment with different colours and styles to make the DNA After Effects animations your own.

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