The Complete Script Bundle for After Effects

Our entire collection of After Effects scripts designed to help improve your workflow and save time.

Note: some scripts require After Effects CC 2014 or higher.

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17 Products included worth £114.89. Bundle price: £86

Sociable - create compositions for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat Angle - The Isometric After Effects Camera script Helix DNA After Effects Script - Create a 3D double helix in After Effects Focal Script - Supercharged camera lens blur in After Effects Fragment: After Effects Glitch Script Highlight - Automated text highlighting in After Effects Highline - Nicer Shadows In After Effects Laundrette - Paste without formatting Selector - choose all layers above or below the current layer Wordsmith - A Lorem Ipsum generator for After Effects
  • Telegram - create social media pop up text after effects
  • Script to create an odometer in after effects
  • Adding a camera to After Effects
  • lorem ipsum generator after effects
  • Select all layers above or below the current layer after effects
  • Memphis patterns in after effects

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All our scripts are designed to save you time and help improve your workflow in After Effects. Save over 15% when you buy the script bundle pack!


The Fragment Script allows you to create a glitch transition in After Effects at the touch of a button.


The Highline script gives you the power to create nicer drop shadows in After Effects


The Telegram Script makes it a lot easier to animate paragraph lines in After Effects, with just one click the script will separate a paragraph into lines and apply a perfect matte over it for you to animate.


The Numero Script takes the hassle out of creating a vertical sliding counter in After Effects. Choose the number of columns and hit go for an instant odometer.


The Jiggle Script allows you to apply a wiggle in one axis only in After Effects - perfect for creating a random bobbing animation!


The angle script is perfect for creating isometric cameras in After Effects. The script also streamlines the whole process of adding a camera to your compositions: select the angle you need & click go. Hey Presto! A camera linked to a null is instantly added to your comp!


Instantly add dummy words, sentences, and paragraphs to your compositions with the Wordsmith script - a lorem ipsum generator for After Effects! No more copying and pasting placeholder text from elsewhere, just select how much text you need and click the button!


Ideal for compositions with many layers, the selector script allows you to select all the layers above or below the current layer in After Effects without losing your position in the comp window.


The Laundrette Script allows you to paste text into After Effects without any additional formatting - perfect if you have your text layers set up to take text from Illustrator.


Create awesome Memphis patterns in After Effects with just a couple of clicks using the Memphis script.

Focal Script

The Focal script helps speed up the workflow for creating camera lens blurs in After Effects.

Orbit Script

The orbit script places any After effects layer into an orbit for you.

Highlight Script

Highlight words or phrases in your text layers at the touch of a button.

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