Fragment: After Effects Glitch Script

Create a glitch effect in After Effects at the touch of a button with the Fragment script. No glitch presets, templates, no video tutorials, just choose the layers you want to apply the glitch to, hit the fragment button, and the glitch script will create a unique glitch effect for you in moments.

Instant digital distortion on any type of layer with three options: Glitch in to transition elements on-screen, Glitch out to transition off-screen, and static glitch to just provide a little more distortion.

Also includes the After Effects project file for the glitchy fragment trailer (music not included).

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What's the glitch script all about?

Building on our ever popular glitch preset after effects pack, we wanted to simplify the process of creating a glitch transition in After Effects.

With the fragment script, you can now just select the layers you'd like to apply the glitch effect to and hit the Fragment button, the script will do all the hard work for you and produce the glitch effect in moments. The script also gives you the option to choose which type of glitch you need: transition in, transition out, or just a static glitch effect.

Apply a glitch effect to any layer

The glitch effect works across all layers. Apply to logos, create glitch text, even video footage, and the script will do the hard work for you.

No more glitch presets

The Fragment glitch script produces a unique glitch every time, which means you won't need any glitch preset after effects packs, just one script with countless glitches. Of course if you are after a glitch preset after effects pack, you may want to check out our older Fragment glitch presets for After Effects.

That looks super useful, let me have it!

Need help installing the script?

Read our handy guide on how to install an After Effects script.


The fragment glitch script provides a great base glitch effect to work with and, as ever, we recommend you open up the compositions to see what's going on! Try moving the layers around, changing the fill effects, duplicating the adjustment layers, experiment and see what you can come up with.

You can also experiment with the types of layers you apply the glitch to, the examples here are screenshots taken from glitching photographs on-screen. You could take this screenshot and use it to make things even more glitchy if you wanted.

In just a few clicks you can have a screen glitch effect, digital distortion, a glitch transition. Perfect for those grungy digital compositions.

100% Procedural Distortion

Each time you run the glitch script, the pattern used will have random values throughout, so every time you press the fragment button the glitch will be unique!

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