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DialUp - Create sci-fi HUD dials in seconds

HUD dials make a great addition to any sci-fi composition in After Effects.
Generate these unique HUD elements at the touch of a button with the DialUp script!

What's included:

  • The Dial Up Script for After Effects

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  • create your own style hud after effects
  • 3d HUD dial after effects

Add your own style

The DialUp script creates standard After Effects shape layers which means you can apply your own styles and colours to them.

Experiment by precomposing the dial layers, adding a fill effect to change the colour, and finally the glow effect to really ramp up the sci-fi feel!

Tell me more

The DialUp script gives you a few options for varying the dials you create, experiment by changing the number of elements, the maximum size of the dials, and the stroke width to create some fantastic results.

There's also an option to distribute the dial elements in 3D, this adds a lovely bit of depth to the dials when viewed in 3D! Perfect for those volumetric sci-fi designs.

Unique every time

To keep things fresh, DialUp creates a unique dial every time you press the button, don't like the result? Just delete your layers and press the button again to create a brand new sci-fi dial!

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