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Angle - Add an isometric camera to After Effects at the touch of a button

The Angle script allows you to create an isometric camera in After Effects in just a couple of clicks.

Angle also includes different camera angle presets, just select the view you need, and hit the button! The script will instantly add a new camera to your composition, complete with a linked null object which makes controlling the new camera a breeze.


  • Angle Script

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Angle script create cameras in after effects Adding an isometric camera to after effects with angle script

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  • Adding a camera to After Effects

Angle takes the hassle out of camera setup

Whenever working with cameras in After Effects we'd always follow the same process:

  1. Add a new camera, usually with all the default settings
  2. Create a new null object & make it 3D
  3. Parent the camera to the null
  4. Customising the rotation of the null to get the right angle

Angle makes it so much easier!

Let's say you want to create an isometric camera in After Effects. Usually it would be a case of following the same process set out above, perhaps experimenting to get the right angle for an isometric view. With the Angle script it takes 3 clicks: select the isometric camera option from the drop down, and then push the button! Done.

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