Conductor Script - automatically parent layers to a null and slide them off-screen

The conductor script makes controlling layers and animating them off and on screen a lot quicker.
Just select your layers, choose which way you'd like them to slide, and hit the button! The script will automatically create a new null, parent the selected layers to it, and animate it for you.


  • Conductor Script

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In a lot of animation projects, it can be useful to parent a lot of layers to a null object and use that null object to animate the layers off or on screen.

Conductor takes all the hassle out of this process, just select the layers, choose which way you'd like the layers to slide in or out, and hit the button!

Just parent the layers

Conductor also has an option for no animation, so the selected layers will just be parented to a brand new null object which can then be used and animated however you like!

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