Memphis Pattern generator for After Effects Random shape background script after effects

How it works

Choose which shapes you want to include, the size of shape you need, the size of grid to create, and then hit go!

The script will then create a random selection of shapes and place them within your current composition aligned to the grid you specified. There's a slight offset built in to each row to give the pattern the traditional Memphis style.

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Choose your colours

The script creates standard After Effects shape layers so you can simply select all the layers and choose a different stroke style!

Each specific shape type also has a unique label colour assigned to it, this means that if you want to change all the triangles to a different colour; you can simply select the label colour group and apply the colour you want.

You can also apply drop shadows and other effects to create your own style! The images below show some different examples.

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Choose your shapes

The script allows you to select which shapes you want to include in the pattern.

This means you can even create grids of just one or two shapes if you wanted to, need a grid of circles? Just uncheck all the other shape styles and hit go!

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Create random shape backgrounds in seconds with the Memphis Script

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