Script to create an odometer in after effects Numero create column counters in After Effects

Numero Script - create an odometer in After Effects

Take the hassle out of creating odometers, tally counts, and other sliding vertical counters in After Effects with the Numero script.

What's included:

  • Numero Script
  • Requires After Effects CC 2014 or later

Price: £9.99

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Creating an odometer in moments

Simply select the number of columns you need in your counter, leave the other values as they are, and hey presto! Numero will create a precomposed counter, complete with a track matte to produce the desired effect.

Create the vertical count you want

Let's say you just want a single column that slides from -100 to 100: just enter those values into Numero and hit go!

So, whether it's a tally counter, an odometer, or even just a vertical number count, Numero does the leg work

Let me have it

Style how ever you want

Numero uses standard After Effects text layers to create the columns, if you need to change the style:

  1. Select the text layers
  2. Choose your font, and font size
  3. Set the leading of the text to around 1.5x the font size
  4. Change the size of the matte to match the new size

Adjust the spacing

Numero automatically adds a control null (coloured yellow) with a spacing effect applied to it. Drag the slider up or down to change the spacing between each column.

Animation built in

Numero helps get you started with the counter animation, each column is controlled by a null that will animate from the lowest number to the highest number. There's also an offset value so you can set a delay for each column.

Create your own animation by changing the values of the keyframes, or by adding your own!

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