Highlight - Automated text highlighting in After Effects

The Highlight script takes all the hard work out of highlighting text in After Effects.

Here's how to highlight text in After Effects with the script: All you have to do is select your text layer, enter the text you want to highlight, and hit the highlight button. The script then does all the hard work for you, perfectly placing your new highlight lines behind your chosen word or phrase.

Want to create an animated underline instead of a highlight? Just check the underline option in the script panel and hit go!

  • Highlighted text in After Effects

Use the script to create perfectly sized text mattes

Another advantage to the highlight script is that the highlight lines can also be repurposed as perfectly sized text mattes in After Effects. All you need to do is move the highlight line above your text layer and set the text to use it as a track matte and you've got a perfect matte in seconds.


Will the script work with different fonts?

Yes! The script is setup to work with pretty much all fonts.

Does the script work with paragraph box text?

If you're using paragraph text layers rather than standard layers the script will still work, you just have to make sure there are line breaks at the end of each line within the box (at the end of each line, hit the return key to create a new line).

Highlighting text in After Effects

The process for creating animated highlight lines in After Effects is usually pretty boring, first you have to create the shape layer, then create the line in the right place, perhaps adding animation to it if you need it. Then if you want to change the text you've highlighted you need to duplicate the text layer and position it in the right place... all of which you then have to repeat for every word or phrase you want to highlight.

That's why the Highlight script was created, to automate this entire process and make your life much easier! So, if you're wondering how to highlight text in After Effects, look no further than the highlight script.

Creating an animated underline in After Effects

Sometimes you may only need to underline text in After Effects, rather than creating a full highlight. Luckily, the highlight script also has an underline option!

This means you can now underline text in After Effects at the touch of a button, just select the underline option, hit go, and the script will set up your perfectly positioned animated underline in moments. So if you're looking for a quick way to underline text in Afer Effects, highlight has you covered.

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Need help installing the script?

Read our handy guide on how to install an After Effects script.

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