Telegram Script - Create a matte for each paragraph line in After Effects

Telegram takes the hassle out of animating paragraphs line by line in After Effects. With just one click: the script will split your after effects paragraph text up into individual lines, move each split text line to the correct position, and if you need it: apply a matte background perfectly sized to the text.

Combine with our After Effects text animators to create the perfect after effects pop up text style.

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Version 2 Update:

The Telegram script now allows you to add a background to each line of paragraph text. So if you want to add a perfectly sized background to your text in After Effects, the Telegram script has you covered (even if it's just one line of text!).

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If you’ve ever tried to animate after effects paragraph text, you’ll know it can be a bit of a pain, and if you’re looking to animate text line by line After Effects makes this a hassle too.

Usually the process for animating after effects paragraph text is as follows: split the text text into lines manually, reposition everything carefully to match the paragraph format, and then create a new matte for each line that has to match up to the text.

With the telegram script, all you need to do is select the paragraph text layer you want to split, and hit the button! The script takes care of everything for you, including creating a matte for each line.

Animating after effects paragraph text really is a breeze with the telegram script

Animated paragraph text

The Telegram script has been designed to work exclusively with text animators like our Staple text animation presets.

When the text is split into lines, any text animators applied to the original paragraph will be carried over automatically.

When applying a matte to animated text, just move the time marker to the end of your animation and hit the button - each matte will be placed where the text animation finishes.

The script requires animation to be applied to a text layer via Text Animators, any animation that's applied directly to the position/scale/anchor point etc. won't produce the desired effect.

Telegram makes it easier than ever to animate after effects paragraph text.

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Need help installing the script?

Read our handy guide on how to install an After Effects script.

Adjust the padding & position

The script also creates a control layer, each new line created is parented to the null which means you can adjust the position of the whole paragraph easily.

The control layer also has two options to adjust the padding of the matte layers - if your text animation needs that extra bit of padding around the text, just adjust the slider and the matte will automatically change.

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Can Telegram be used to animate text in After Effects?

Telegram splits paragraph text up into lines and applies a matte or a background to each text line for you. For the actual text animation in After Effects, check out the Staple text animation presets - all you have to do with these presets is apply them to your text layer and you'll have animated text in moments.

How can I create After Effects pop up text?

If you want to create After Effects pop up text with the telegram script, you'll first need to animate your text layer to create the pop up effect, and then you can use the telegram script to create the matte for each line of your text so that it pops up nicely! If you need help creating the pop up text animation, take a look at the Staple text animation presets.

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