Staple - 30 Text Animators for After Effects

The Staple preset pack gives you 30 high quality text animations for After Effects. Each preset has been designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, these subtle animations are perfect for any professional motion design project.

What's included:

  • 30 Text Animation Presets

Price: £14.99

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  • Smooth text animation preset for after effects
  • Text animation preset combined with matte after effects

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The text animations are split into two different types: In and Out.

These describe the general flow of the animation, if you need to transition text on screen you'd pick a preset from the "In" folder, transitioning off screen you'd pick one from the "Out" folder.

Combine with our Telegram script

To create a more seamless text transition you may want to combine the staple pack with our Telegram script! It's perfect for quickly creating mattes for text layers.

Here you can see two examples of the same animation, the top is the animation without a matte, the bottom has a matte applied by the Telegram script! Ideal for creating social media style text transitions for your videos.

Buy together and save 20% - just select the combo pack when you checkout.