The Complete Guide Bundle: Learn more about freelancing & motion design

Save time and learn more with these handy guides and eBooks on freelancing and motion design


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Learn more about the Guide Bundle

The Complete Guide Bundle

About the Guide Bundle:

The complete guide bundle contains all the Loop guides and eBooks written by freelance motion designer: @tomfromloop.

Buying all the guides as part of this bundle will save you 25% compared with buying each individually.

Learn more about the Guide Bundle

Who's this for?

This bundle pack has been designed for freelancers and motion designers

Learn more about the Guide Bundle:

Freelance Lessons Book Script writing guide for motion designers Client Outreach Guide

What's included in the Complete Guide Bundle?

The complete guide bundle includes:

  • 101 Freelance Lessons (Learned the Hard Way)
  • How to reach out to clients: a guide for freelancers
  • Script writing for motion designers

What format are the guides in?

The guides are available as either a PDF or eBook format that you can send to your eReader.

Can I buy the guides individually?

You sure can! Just scroll down the motion design business resources page and select the template you're looking for.

Note: When you purchase the guides as part of this pack you'll save 25% compared with buying each individually.


Business resources for motion designers

The business of motion design goes far beyond After Effects and animation programs. Our collection of business resources for motion designers are designed to help with the admin side of motion design, like making a motion design proposal, as well as helping with the creative side of things like how to write an explainer video script.

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