Sign-off sheet Illustrator Template: Quickly create an official project sign-off document

Save time and reduce the effort of creating a client sign-off document for any stage of your projects.

All our templates are Adobe Illustrator files, allowing you to save them as a PDF to send to your clients.

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Sign-off sheet Illustrator Template

About the Sign-off Template:

Make things official and get your client approval in writing with our sign-off sheet template.

Having a clear and concise client sign-off process ensures everyone is in agreement and can help avoid unwanted scope creep as you move through each stage of your projects. Also available as part of the motion design business templates pack.

Learn more about the Sign-off Template

Who's this for?

This template has been designed for freelancer motion designers and small studio owners.

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Learn more about the Sign-off Template:

mockup of the sign-off sheet

Why having sign-off is important

It's tempting to just ask a client in an email if they're happy with the work you've done in order to move on from one stage of the project to the next, let's say from the script to the storyboard stage for example.

The problem with just asking the client if they're happy is that it's slightly vague. It needs to be more official to keep everyone on the same page.

Having the client actually sign a document to complete a stage makes things much more clear, it's an official act that provides a document you can refer back to should the client wish to make changes to a stage further down the line after it's been signed off.

A sign-off sheet also gives you the chance to highlight all the work you've done for a particular stage, noting down in one place the work you've done helps the client appreciate just what goes into a motion design project.

What's included in the sign-off template?

The sign-off sheet template gives you plenty of space to outline the work and deliverables you've completed for a particular section of the project.

The sign-off template also includes a declaration for the client to sign which outlines that they're happy with the quality of the work, they're happy that it satisfies the objectives of the project, and crucially: that any changes to the materials after sign-off will result in additional costs.

The last item of the declaration is arguably the most important, after all when you finish the animation stage the last thing you want is for the client to expect that they can go back and change the script without additional costs arising.


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