The Free Storyboard Template for Illustrator: Quickly create storyboards for motion design projects

Save time and reduce the effort of creating dazzling storyboards to send to your motion design clients.

All our templates are Adobe Illustrator files, allowing you to save them as a PDF to send to your clients.

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The Free Storyboard Template for Illustrator

About the storyboard template:

A good storyboard is vital for any motion design project. The storyboard stage provides the first real opportunity to visualise how the final animation will look, and how the video will flow from scene to scene.

This Adobe Illustrator storyboard template provides the ideal structure for your frame designs, complete with accompanying text to explain to the client a little more about what's going on in each scene.

The template also includes an initial page with a quick introduction to the storyboard and space for your client's name.

Learn more about the storyboard template

Who's this for?

This template has been designed for freelancer motion designers and small studio owners.

Learn more about the storyboard template:

mockup of the storyboard template

Crafting a great storyboard

A well planned out storyboard can really help streamline the animation process. If a client can clearly see how the animation will be structured, how it will flow from scene to scene, they can begin to visualise how everything will come together.

Simply place your digital sketches or illustrated scenes in order within the template, add a little explanation of what's going on underneath each frame, and export the whole thing as a PDF to send over to your client.

Using the free storyboard template

The free storyboard template is free to use on both personal and professional projects. Just open it up in Adobe Illustrator and away you go!

To use the storyboard template, first open it in Illustrator: because the file is an Illustrator template file, Illustrator will create a blank new project for you, be sure to save your storyboard immediately so you don't lose any work.

We recommend designing each of your storyboard scenes as you normally would (in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or another program), then create a JPEG export of each scene. Finally, import each JPEG as a linked file into the storyboard template and place them in order within the squares.

The benefit of using the storyboard template this way, is that whenever you change or update a scene, all you need to do is update the linked JPEG file and illustrator will update the entire storyboard for you.


What's included in the free storyboard template?

The storyboard is an Adobe Illustrator storyboard template that's made up of 5 artboards in total, each 1920x1080 for viewing on screens once exported as a PDF.

Each storyboard artboard in the template contains 6 frames for your designs or digital sketches, each of these frames has a text box underneath for a written explanation of what's happening in each frame.

The free storyboard template also includes an initial slide that introduces the storyboard, complete with version information, and space for the client's name or project title if required.

What format is the storyboard template?

It's an Adobe Illustrator storyboard template so you won't need any special storyboard software, just Adobe Illustrator.

The benefit of using Adobe Illustrator as the template, is that you can export your finished storyboards as PDFs to send to your clients.


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