The Motion Design Proposal Illustrator Template: Quickly craft professional proposals for clients

Save time and reduce the effort of creating professional motion design proposals. Also available as a Notion template.

All our templates are Adobe Illustrator files, allowing you to save them as a PDF to send to your clients.

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The Motion Design Proposal Illustrator Template

About the Proposal Template:

With an elegant proposal template design, and structured using the goldilocks pricing method, the motion design proposal template allows you to outline three potential approaches for your projects:

  • Option 1 - short and sweet
  • Option 2 - just right
  • Option 3 - supercharged!

A well crafted, professional, motion design proposal template has the power to win the hearts of prospective clients and bring in that next motion design job. The project proposal template is also available as part of the motion design business starter pack.

Learn more about the Proposal Template

Who's this for?

This template has been designed for freelancer motion designers and small studio owners.

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Learn more about the Proposal Template:

mockup of the proposal template

The importance of a good motion design proposal template

A good project proposal can make all the difference when it comes to landing new clients, it really is your golden opportunity to make a great first impression and sway your prospective client's mind away from your competitors.

Our professional proposal template has been designed to be simple and elegant, focusing on quality over quantity. No client wants to be sat down trawling through pages upon pages of business speak and numbers. No, we think it's better to visually showcase what you can do, and provide a clear and concise overview of your initial thoughts for the project, along with costs and what's included - that's what makes a professional proposal template.

The motion design proposal template has been specifically tailored for motion design and animation projects, and don't worry if you've never written a proposal before - the template comes with prompts and sample options to get you well on your way, just do what you do best and come up with the ideas!

Make the template your own

The professional proposal template has been designed to easily allow you to add your own logo and brand to it so you can customise the look and feel to suit your own style.

Project proposal template format

A lot of professional proposal templates out there are created in InDesign format, and although this program is great for print based work and documents, a lot of motion designers already use Adobe Illustrator as part of their workflow, so we've kept things simple. All our templates are Adobe Illustrator Templates.


What to put in a motion design project proposal?

There are a lot of "business guides" out there that recommend you put all sorts of information in a proposal, to stuff it out with statistics and padding as though a higher wordcount is the key to a winning proposal. Instead, our project proposal template follows a simple, easy to follow structure.

The Proposal Structure

Each option in the motion design proposal template contains three sections underneath the box where you can include an image of similar projects, the sections include: Price and timeframe column, initial ideas and concepts, and an includes list.

The price and timeframe column is simple - it's where you declare how much this particular option is going to cost.

The initial ideas and concepts column is where you can briefly outline what's possible for this option, your thoughts and ideas about the project.

Use this space to inspire your client, paint them a picture of what's going through your mind. Again you don't have to go into too much detail, the client just wants a glimpse of what's possible and how much it's going to cost.

Finally the included column, this is a little extra space where you can list the features of each option.

This space can be used to easily highlight the differences across the options, for example: option 1 may only include the following: Script writing, Simple 2D animation, and a music track - whereas option 2 would include all of the items in option 1 PLUS: a voiceover, more advanced 2D animation and illustration. This presents the client with a clear and concise list of what's included for each option.

These three clear sections for each option provide a simple, elegant design to let your work and ideas shine through.


Business resources for motion designers

The business of motion design goes far beyond After Effects and animation programs. Our collection of business resources for motion designers are designed to help with the admin side of motion design, like making a motion design proposal, as well as helping with the creative side of things like how to write an explainer video script.

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