Motion Design Proposal - Notion Template

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Learn more about the Notion Proposal Template

Motion Design Proposal - Notion Template

About the Notion Proposal Template:

This Notion template is ideal for quickly crafting impressive proposals to send to potential new clients.

The proposal template includes three options for you to customise: a budget option, a mid-range option, and a deluxe option. This helps potential clients see the full range of what's possible and the different price points for each.

Simply fill out the details for each budget option and then share your wonderful new proposal with your potential new client.

Learn more about the Notion Proposal Template

Who's this for?

This template has been designed for freelance motion designers and small studio owners.

Learn more about the Notion Proposal Template:

Motion Design Proposal Notion Template

How to use the Notion template

When you purchase the Motion Design Proposal template you'll receive a link to the Notion template.

From there, all you have to do is press the "Duplicate" option in the top right hand corner to add the template to your own Notion workspace.

Once you have the base template in your Notion workspace, you can then duplicate it each time you need to produce a new proposal.

Sharing a Notion template

When you've customised the template in Notion and you're ready to present your proposal to your client, simply click the "Share" option in the top right corner of the screen.

Enter your client's email address and then select "Can View" in the sharing options drop-down list. This way, your client will be able to view the proposal but they won't be able to edit or make any changes to the Notion template.

Extra features

The template also includes three sections at the bottom of the proposal that help give you some added protections:

A note on changes

This section briefly outlines the process for reviewing designs throughout a project. It states that the budgets included in the proposal include minor changes but any major changes may need to be quoted for.

This ensures the client is aware that the budgets included in the proposal are subject to increases if their requirements change.

Pricing & Project Files

This section outlines how long the prices in the proposal are valid for, what the process is for project payments (e.g: 50% up-front), and it also covers payment terms for aspects such as project files.


To help protect any ideas you put across in the proposal, there's a copyright declaration at the bottom of the template.

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