The Freelance Business Upgrade Course: Learn how to be a more efficient freelancer

Save time and effort by learning how key business processes can help you run your freelance business more effectively.


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Learn more about the Freelance Upgrade Course

The Freelance Business Upgrade Course

About the Freelance Upgrade Course:

In this freelance course you'll learn how to be more productive as a freelance motion designer.

From initial contact right up to animation sign-off, you'll learn how vital business processes can help supercharge your workflow, protect against problem clients and late payments, and ultimately help you work smarter, not harder.

It's time to focus on animation, not admin.

Also includes all our freelance business resources and bundles worth over £94 (Find out more)

Learn more about the Freelance Upgrade Course

Who's this for?

This freelance course has been designed for solo freelance motion designers and small motion studio owners looking to take their business to the next level.

Learn more about the Freelance Upgrade Course:

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Who is the course for?

The Freelance Business Upgrade Course has been designed primarily for freelance motion designers and small motion studio owners. It doesn't matter if you're thinking about going freelance, just starting out, or if you've been doing things a while the course has something to offer all levels of experience.

If you're in the motion design business, and still feel a bit like you're winging things from project to project, maybe the imposter syndrome just won't go away - then this course is for you. The business processes set out in the course not only help a project run more smoothly, they also bring with them an added confidence when dealing with clients and managing projects.

Course Structure

The freelance course contains 7 chapters, each with an online video lecture you can stream and follow along with whenever you like.

The course is split into the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Organised Emails
  • Chapter 2: Crafting a Proposal
  • Chapter 3: The New Client Process
  • Chapter 4: Files, Folders, and Backups
  • Chapter 5: Project Management
  • Chapter 6: Sign-off
  • Chapter 7: Payments

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Included resources worth £94

The freelance course also includes ALL the Loop freelance business resources and bundles:

  • The Complete Guide Bundle worth £19
  • The Motion Design Business Templates Pack worth £35
  • The Notion Template Bundle worth £40.

Template files included in the freelance course

Throughout the course there are a number of documents, templates, and additional resources for you to customise and use in your projects.

Including a Freelance Rate card template - which is a nicely designed way of letting agencies know what your rate is, along with additional information like your payment terms or travel requirements.

A sample After Effects project you can use for all new projects you work on is included in the course too. This new project template comes with a specific folder structure that's explained in Chapter 4 that really helps keep your projects organised.

Feedback Documents

In Chapter 5 we look at gathering feedback from clients, in order to do this in an organised and efficient manner, the course includes three sample design review form templates for you to use with your own clients.

Sample Email Responses

When you're freelance or own your own studio, dealing with clients is something you need to master. Sometimes it may be tricky to know what to say to a client in certain situations, let's say they want to haggle on your price for example.

That's why the course includes a selection of sample email responses for some of the common situations that may arise throughout your projects.

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Chapter overview

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Chapter 1:
Organised Emails

The opening chapter deals with a couple of vital processes for handling your business emails, since this is where a lot of the back and forth between clients actually takes place it's an important starting point.

Chapter 2:

Proposals are a vital tool for winning new work, in this chapter we cover some processes and techniques for gathering key information from the client. We also run through a couple of different options for creating proposals, and how we then integrate sending the proposal with our email techniques from chapter 1.

Chapter 3:
The New Client Process

Once your new client has accepted your proposal, it's almost time to get to work - but before you go diving in, it's important to get some key things sorted first. In this chapter we look at the processes for introducing your client to the overall motion design workflow, we look at creating a statement of work, the benefits of a contract, and crucially: sorting the initial deposit invoice.

Chapter 4:
Files, Folders, and Backups

If this looks familiar: design-one-final-FINAL-FINAL_45.aep then you definitely need a new process for managing your files and folders. This chapter covers filenames, folder structures, and how to keep your After Effects project files organised too.

Chapter 5:
Managing a project

This chapter introduces processes for keeping track of your time, and why it's important to do so, it also looks at an example project management tool to keep your project tasks organised, and finally we look at a neat and efficient way to manage project feedback from clients.

Chapter 6:

This chapter covers the process for receiving sign-off from your clients throughout the different stages of a motion design project. It's a vital part of the overall project workflow, and can really help keep projects on track and avoid any unwanted scope-creep.

Chapter 7:

Of course everyone loves to be paid for the work they do, unfortunately a lot of freelancers and small businesses still run in to issues around money and late payments. This chapter runs through the processes you can use to protect against late paying clients. It also runs through a sample approach for what to do should you find yourself with a late paying client.


About the author

Learn more about the freelance motion designer behind the course.

Who created the freelance course?

Hey I’m Tom from Made by Loop, and I’ve been a full time freelance motion designer for about 8 years or so now, I actually started freelancing back when I was in University, so I’ve been freelancing in some form for around 13 years in total.

It’s not all been plain sailing over the years, and I’ve had to learn some things the hard way, I certainly know that freelancing isn’t easy.

That’s why with this course, I want to teach you about the importance of business processes to help upgrade your freelance motion design business. Now, I know what you’re thinking, I can feel your eyelids drooping at the sound of the business speak… but trust me, having the right procedures in place for freelancing and running your own business can make a world of difference and save so many headaches down the line.

So, in this course we’re going to cover some procedures and processes that help throughout the duration of a motion design project, from initial contact, to invoicing, and then right up to sign-off and sending the files over. I'll also cover the processes I use for chasing payments when clients don't pay on time, and how to help stop this from happening in the first place.

These are the processes I use in my day to day freelance life, and they’ve saved me a lot of time, and hassle over the years, so hopefully you’ll benefit from implementing some too.


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