The Freelance Client Dashboard: Manage client outreach like a pro

Save time and effort when managing your freelance client outreach with this easy to use Notion CRM template.

Learn more about the Freelance Client Dashboard

The Freelance Client Dashboard

About the Freelance Client Dashboard:

Whether it's tracking your incoming leads and outreach clients, or monitoring when you've sent and followed up with quotes and contracts. The Freelance Client Dashboard has been designed to help you save time and stay organised.

This notion template is also included in the Freelance Business Upgrade course.

Learn more about the Freelance Client Dashboard

Who's this for?

This notion template has been designed for all freelancers and small studio owners.

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Learn more about the Freelance Client Dashboard:

How the freelance dashboard works

The video above provides an in-depth look at how you can use the various features of the freelance dashboard notion template to keep track of all your freelance clients.

At the core of the client dashboard notion template, potential clients are separated into three main active phases: initial contact, quote, and contract. After moving through each stage potential clients either become a full client, a potential future contact, or the lead will end and you can focus on the next lead.

Why you should use a freelance dashboard template

The freelance client dashboard template ultimately helps you save time and stay organised when managing your client outreach and new leads.

Let's say for example you just use a spreadsheet to track all your client contacts. You just have a big long list of client data that can be pretty overwhelming. With the freelance dashboard template, the data is presented to you in a more relevant and useful way. As an example, the template has a number of handy calendar views so you can see any upcoming tasks you have and when you may need to respond to clients in the future.

Freelance Client Dashboard Notion Template

Automated features to help save you time

The master of tasks

No need to wonder about what needs to be done and when, the freelance dashboard template automatically presents you with a list of daily tasks based on each client's status. Simply set the last date you contacted your client, and the freelance dashboard template will do the rest.

Automatic action stations!

The freelance dashboard template also helps you save time by showing you what actions need to be taken for each of your clients based on their current status. So you'll know when to reply to a lead, when to follow up, when to create quotes and contracts, and even when to potentially abandon a lead so you can focus on other ones.

Keep track of your client notes

The freelance dashboard template also includes a handy notes section that helps you link notes with each of your clients so that everything is incredibly organised.

How do I install the dashboard Notion template?

When you purchase the freelance client dashboard template you'll receive a link to the Notion template.

From there, all you have to do is press the "Duplicate" option in the top right hand corner to add the template to your own Notion workspace.


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